New Products Launched - SYS-RLZ, SYS-ORG, SYS-GRD & soon SYS-MNT

We are excited to announce several new additions to multiple product lines, as well as adding two completely new product lines to our catalog... our new SYS-RLZ and SYS-MNT solutions.


The product page says it all... A rail solution that bridges the gap between the factory Systainer3 rail offering and the SYS-AZ drawer offering from Festool / Tanos.  These rail slides allow quick access to the contents of your Systainer3, be it an organizer, consumable storage or even tools.  Compatible with both Systainer3 M and L series, as well as being a direct drop in for cabinets sized for either the standard Systainer3 rails or the SYS-AZ drawers... Our SYS-RLZ - Systainer3 Pro Rails Slides up your Systainer game!

SYS-RLZ - Systainer3 Pro Rail Slides



We've been kicking around ideas on improving bit storage for... well... a bit...  However we could never really nail the design to our liking.  So instead of reinventing bit storage, we just improved on an already great offering.  Our new SYS-ORG - Bit Cassette Bins allow a user to quickly transition their bit storage from a Festool / Tanos Systainer3 Attic lid, to a bit, to a Systainer3 Organizer, to one of our SYS-GRD inserts for the ultimate flexiblity.

The bit cassette snaps into the the SYS-ORG bin with a very satisfying click and allows multiple bins to be stacked together to maximize storage & accessibility.

SYS-ORG - Bit Cassette Bins



We love the venerable SYS-Sort IV/3 Sortainer & the SYS-Combi drawers.  But we make SYS-ORG bins... And from the factory the old T-LOC variants just don't work well with our bin offering or the off the shelf offering from Festool / Tanos.  Earlier this year we introduced our SYS-GRD inserts to address this and now we are excited to complete our SYS-GRD offering to include a grid system for the center drawer sections as well.

Paired with one our SYS-ORG 25mm, 50mm or 75mm bins solutions... Or better yet our new SYS-ORG - Bit Cassette Bins, our SYS-GRD family offers amazing organizational & storage options that can quickly be access or moved to a Systainer3 Organizer to take on the go if needed!

SYS-GRD - SYS-Sort IV/3 & SYS-Combi Center Plate



Developed in conjunction with Systainer Store to solve one customer problem, we decided why not design an entire system to solve a wider range of customer problems.

The SYS-MNT System was developed to try & tackle one of the biggest issues on a job site... Quick access to the most needed tools without sacrificing precious horizontal work space.  In its simplest form a SYS-MNT Mount can be used to hang drills / drivers or magnetically hang a work light or SYS-LITE KAL II... But at the extreme a SYS-MNT Mount offers up to 21 SYS-FIT mounting locations and with the MOLLE pattern on the SDE and TBX variants an endless supply of options for organization & storage.

SYS-MNT is currently in production and will become available before the end of June.  Sign up to get notified as soon as they are ready to go out!

SYS-MNT - Augmented Systainer Mounting System

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