SYS-FIT Frequently Asked Questions

What is SYS-FIT?

SYS-FIT is our attempt solving the problem of fitting organization and tool holding into a customer's workflow, workshop or job site instead of forcing the customer to adapt to a predefined system.

What are all the parts and pieces of the SYS-FIT system?

Their are two main assemblies that are part of SYS-FIT....  The rack (tool holding) and the plate (interface adapter).  This allows a customer to select the appropriate rack for the tool or accessory of their choice AND then select a plate that best adapts to their particular workshop or job site.

For example, if a customer has a 6" rotary orbital sander, they would chose our SYS-FIT ROS Rack.  And if they were working on a job site, they may chose our SYS-PLT - Systainer3 Mount if they'd like to hang the ROS on the front of a systainer stack OR they may chose our SYS-PLT - MFT Maximus Mount to hang the ROS on the side of their MFT table for quick out of the way access to their sander at their work surface.

Again, the customer get to chose the rack and the plate to best fit their workflows.

How do I chose what parts and pieces I need?

To chose the right parts is fairly straight forward, select the rack you need for your particular tool.  Then select the plate you need to adapt the rack to your particular workflows.  We currently offer SYS-PLT for the following systems.

  • Systainer3 Mount
  • MFT Mount - Maximus & Minimus
  • Dash-Board PWS Mount - Maximus & Minimus
  • 15-Series Mount - Maximus & Minimus
  • French Cleat Mount

Or you can just screw any of our racks directly to a surface, without the need to employ a SYS-PLT.

What is the difference between the Maximus and Minimus mounts?

The difference between a SYS-PLT Maximus and Minimus mount is simply the number of attachment points that are available on the plate.  One of our Maximus mounts has four (4) attachment points for the provided fastener hardware, while the Minimus mount has two (2) attachments points.

Both provide a robust and secure mount to your work systems, but the Maximus mounts are even more rigid to allow for larger tools or objects to be secured.

For example when use an ROS rack with a Festool RO150 ROTEX we would recommend selecting one of our SYS-PLT Maximus mounts that fits your particular work system.  Or if you are using one of our HCH racks with a vacuum hose or extension cord, again we'd recommend a SYS-PLT Maximus mount to resist the torque and sheer forces produced.