SYS-FIT & SYS-ORG Color Palette Information

We take pride in our OCD and wanting, nay, needing to make sure get as close to OEM color matching as possible when we design a product.  Now this is not a perfect process due to differing materials, raw material batch differences, etc and it does cause us a great deal of eye twitches when we can't get it perfect, but we do strive to source high quality, color matched materials to address that twitch.

Below you will find color samples of our products along with their names as we use them in our product descriptions should you have any questions.


Light Grey (RAL 7035)

Light Grey is the standard color of a Tanos / Festool Systainer

Anthracite (RAL 7016)

Carmine Red (RAL 3002)

Daffodil Yellow (RAL 1007)

Deep Orange (RAL 2011)

Festool Blue (RAL 5004)

Festool Blue is the color of Festool tool body

Festool Green (RAL 6018)

Sapphire Blue (RAL 5003)

Sapphire blue is typically used by Festool as their Special Edition color, several  Systainers have been available Festool in Sapphire Blue.

Sky Blue (RAL 5015)


Bosch Blue (RAL 5001)

Mirka Yellow (RAL 1021)