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SYS-FIT - Hose & Cord Hanger (HCH) Rack

SYS-FIT - Hose & Cord Hanger (HCH) Rack

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While cordless is great, until they figure out the physics of a hose-less vacuum system and arc-reactor technology for limitless power stop tripping over those random hoses and cords on the job site or in the shop with our SYS-FIT HCH Rack.  Utilizing our SYS-PLT flexible mounting system, options are limitless... well there are 6 options and 4 fastener holes so maybe not limitless.

The available SYS-PLT Mounting Options must be purchased separately and are listed below:

  • SYS-PLT - Systainer3 Mount
  • SYS-PLT - MFT Minimus Mount *
  • SYS-PLT - MFT Maximus Mount
  • SYS-PLT - Dash-Board PWS Minimus Mount*
  • SYS-PLT - Dash-Board PWS Maximus Mount
  • SYS-PLT - 15-Series Minimus Mount *
  • SYS-PLT - 15-Series Maximus Mount
  • SYS-PLT - French Cleat Mount

Are you wandering the wilderness without a Systainer, an MFT, a workbench constructed out of 15-series aluminum extrusion or haven't gone down the french cleat rabbit hole???  Well then no SYS-PLT purchase is necessary, simply take our SYS-FIT products and screw them to whatever surface you fancy.

If you have questions about our colors, please visit our SYS-FIT & SYS-ORG Color Palette Information page.

* While the HCH Rack fits all of our SYS-PLT mounts, the HCH Rack does experience quite a bit of torque under load.  We would recommend caution when using the HCH Rack with either the MFT Minimus or 15-Series Minimus Mounts.  Using the bottom attachment points can reduce the applied moment or placing the HCH rack in a position where the lower back of the mount is supported (with the leg connector of the MFT behind the lower back of the rack for example).

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Don McCorvey
    Surprise! missed a part!

    This is on me, but I managed not to add the Systainer mount to my order. I see it now on the order page for the hose hanger, but had no idea it wasn’t included when i bought it. The hose and cord hanger is a very nice 3d printed part. Great surface finish and seems sturdy. Looking forward to trying it in a few weeks.

    Don, Thanks for the review. We are sorry you didn't catch that the SYS-PLT wasn't included, we'd love to hear from you on how we could improve the page description or order process to help customers catch this. We email customers when we receive orders that contain SYS-FIT racks but don't include SYS-PLT mounts to alert them to the possibility of this oversight, but our hit rate on responses is actually quite low. Let us know if you have any follow up questions!

    Kevin Ruhrup
    Great addition

    Works great, not made from the thin plastic as some of the other items I’ve purchased from others. This is heavy duty! I would like to see this made a bit bigger to handle a couple wraps of the vacuum hose.

    Kevin, Thanks for the review. Like everything in life its a balance... Ideally the HCH would be just a bit deeper. However, during testing we found the extra moment arm created by a deeper hanger would sometimes cause issues when used with the Systainer3 mount and either sheer the SYS-PLT or even worse stress the front of the systainer. It was also not ideal when used with some of our other SYS-PLT Minimus mounts.

    When used with our SYS-PLT Maximus mounts there was no issue with a larger hanger, but to make sure customers had a good experience we went with the slimmer design to make it work with all our SYS-PLT solutions. We are working hard on an anti-gravity solution to solve the physics problem, but until then we hope you enjoy the HCH!