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SYS-FIT - Random Orbital Sander (ROS) Rack

SYS-FIT - Random Orbital Sander (ROS) Rack

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Make sure your favorite tool for your favorite part of the project is close at hand with our SYS-FIT ROS Rack.  Part of our SYS-FIT product line, the SYS-FIT ROS Rack fits to your job site or shop with our SYS-PLT flexible mounting system.

Available to fit various 90mm (3.5"), 125mm (5") and 150mm (6") RO sanders.

The available SYS-PLT Mounting Options must be purchased separately and are listed below:

  • SYS-PLT - Systainer3 Mount*
  • SYS-PLT - MFT Minimus Mount
  • SYS-PLT - MFT Maximus Mount *
  • SYS-PLT - Dash-Board PWS Minimus Mount
  • SYS-PLT - Dash-Board PWS Maximus Mount*
  • SYS-PLT - 15-Series Minimus Mount
  • SYS-PLT - 15-Series Maximus Mount *
  • SYS-PLT - French Cleat Mount

Are you wandering the wilderness without a Systainer, an MFT, a workbench constructed out of 15-series aluminum extrusion or haven't gone down the french cleat rabbit hole???  Well then no SYS-PLT purchase is necessary, simply take our SYS-FIT products and screw them to whatever surface you fancy.

* Maximus Mounts recommended for larger sanders such as the Festool ROTEX RO125 / RO150 and Bosch GET65 / GET75

If you have questions about our colors, please visit our SYS-FIT & SYS-ORG Color Palette Information page.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Christopher C
    A genius invention

    Such a great functional idea, they really help keep your workbench clear ……as we all know horizontal surfaces get cluttered up easily and your invention is a game changer

    Christopher, Thanks for the review! We are so excited that you like the product. Clearing off the horizontal surfaces was the genesis of quite a few of our SYS-FIT products. Make sure to check back with us, lots of products in the pipeline!

    Michael McKinney
    What do you think about SYS-FIT - Random Orbital Sander (ROS) Rack?

    Your product fits perfectly! Your design is greater and it's like having a sander caddy standing next to me! Very useful since I only have two hands.

    Michael, Thanks for the review! Glad you like the design and the fuction of the ROS. When we finally get the AI driven third hand product out the door we will let you know, that of course assumes it doesn't become self-aware and go SkyNet on us.

    Philip Cole
    ROS rack

    Good quality and service- fits great!

    Philip, Thanks for the review! Glad you like the product, let us know if there is anything you need!