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SYS-FIT - Track Saw Guide Rail (TRK) Rack

SYS-FIT - Track Saw Guide Rail (TRK) Rack

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Track saws are amazing and a quality guide rail makes precision cuts effortless... That is until you are done with the large unwieldy piece of aluminum and you don't have a place to safely stow it.  Stop trying to find a place to put down that rail, simply use our SYS-FIT TRK Rack to quickly store and redeploy your guide rail whenever and wherever you are working.

Designed to work with our SYS-PLT mounting system, the SYS-FIT TRK Rack can attach to the front of your Systainer stack, to the side of an MFT or other workbench utilizing one of our supported profiles, along with many more mounting options simply by using the available fastener locations.  When used with one of our many workbench options, the guide rail nestles below the surface of the bench-top to allow quick removal and placement of new materials without worrying about your guide rail getting in the way.

The SYS-FIT TRK Rack has been tested and works with the following guide rails, with most other guide rails also being supported but are untested.

  • Festool
  • Bosch
  • Dewalt
  • Kreg ACS
  • Mafell
  • Makita
  • Milwaukee
  • Triton

The TRK Rack badge allows you to customize your color to match your track saw system, while at the same time hiding an additional mounting point if you need more support or are mounting the TRK Rack to an angled or vertical surface.  Once you've mounted your TRK Rack simply snap the badge into place for that extra pop of color!

SYS-FIT TRK Rack Includes:

  • (2) TRK Racks
  • (2) TRK Rack badges
  • (8) M4 fasteners for use with SYS-PLT Mounting Option (sold separately)

The available SYS-PLT Mounting Options must be purchased separately and are listed below:

  • SYS-PLT - Systainer3 Mount
  • SYS-PLT - MFT Minimus Mount *
  • SYS-PLT - MFT Maximus Mount
  • SYS-PLT - Dash-Board PWS Minimus Mount*
  • SYS-PLT - Dash-Board PWS Maximus Mount
  • SYS-PLT - 15-Series Minimus Mount *
  • SYS-PLT - 15-Series Maximus Mount
  • SYS-PLT - French Cleat Mount

Are you wandering the wilderness without a Systainer, an MFT, a workbench constructed out of 15-series aluminum extrusion or haven't gone down the french cleat rabbit hole???  Well then no SYS-PLT purchase is necessary, simply take our SYS-FIT products and screw them to whatever surface you fancy.

If you have questions about our colors, please visit our SYS-FIT & SYS-ORG Color Palette Information page.

* While the TRK Rack fits all of our SYS-PLT mounts, the TRK Rack does experience quite a bit of torque under load.  We would recommend using one of our Maximus mounts or use with caution when using the TRK Rack with any of our Minimus Mounts.  Using the bottom attachment points can reduce the applied moment or placing the TRK rack in a position where the lower back of the mount is supported 

Track saw guide rail, track saw and systainer pictured are not included in purchase.

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